Reborn Body or Doll Body -- Custom Made to Order - we are not currently making bodies as we are busy with numerous doll orders.

Most of the body patterns for the 1/4 and 3/4 limb and even some of the full limb babies are pear shaped and do not give you any type of shoulder for the baby - the arms just attach to the sides and the neckline just slopes into the arm caps - no shoulders.
Also, have you ever put a reborn baby together and found that you didn't like the way the baby sat - maybe she toppled over and just wouldn't sit as nicely as you would like.
Well, we have designed our own body that will allow babies to sit up straight without any props. This new body is very flexible and can be posed in many different ways and also gives the baby shoulders.

We have decided to share this new body with you and we know you will love it as much as we do. We have made this new body in various sizes and shapes for our customers who do not sew. 

* Chubby

* 23-28"

* 13-22"

* 3/4 legs and arms

* 1/4 legs and arms

* 3/4 arms and full legs

* Full arms and legs 

The price for the completed body is $20.95 for bodies 13-22.  Price for larger bodies is $24.95.  We use a very nice doesuede cloth in either baby or ethnic colors.  For our straight leg bodies we use a very nice suedecloth to make the bodies as this allows the body to stand better as it is a sturdier body.  Shipping is priority mail is $4.95 within the US.  Please notify us for International rates. 
Payment can be made thru Paypal, however, we do not accept e-checks.  We will send you an invoice (via: thru PayPal. 
The following are other poses:
All of our collectible reborn babies are made with the utmost love and care which is why we created this new flexible body so that over time our babies will sit as straight as they did when reborned. Our Nursery is a smoke-free nursery. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer any that you may have.

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